How Many People Can You Unfollow on Instagram?

/01 December, 2022 3:06 pm

Are you sick of seeing irrelevant material on your Instagram feed?

You might want to stop following Instagram users who have nothing to do with your interests, like if you only followed them to get free stuff.

You may also wish to unfollow users who post spam or anything else that is not of interest to you.

To unfollow an account was optional in Instagram’s early days.

But because of changes and extra security measures, Instagram users can’t unfollow a lot of profiles at once.

Let’s talk about the precise number of users you can unfollow without getting into trouble, as well as the elements that determine that number.


If your account is somewhat older, you can typically unfollow a limit of 200 people every day.

If you have a new account, though, the amount drops to fewer than 100 every day.

Although you can unfollow up to 200 users per day, doing so continuously for hours may cause issues.

Here are several restrictions that you must keep in mind.

  • Number of daily unfollows permitted for the first week: 51 Number of daily unfollows
  • permitted for the second week: 100 Number of daily unfollows
  • permitted for the third week: 150 Number of daily unfollows permitted for the fourth week: 200
  • One can unfollow no more than 200 accounts in a day.

If your account is older than four weeks, you may still be subject to restrictions if you go above the 200 limits.

Nonetheless, the limit may vary slightly based on the criteria outlined below.


Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram provides a minor advantage and benefit to its trusted users, but it is still difficult to discern which people Instagram regards as trustworthy.

According to our research, accounts with the following features are given some leeway on some terms of service, especially the number of people they can unfollow.

1. Account Transactions

Account activity is one of the most important criteria for ensuring the platform’s credibility. You must be an active user to be deemed trustworthy on Instagram. Another major factor in proving your reliability is your account’s history of successful interactions.

Your account should not have been subject to any temporary suspensions or questionable activity. Any previous bans or warnings may result in a degraded status on your profile, preventing you from enjoying the benefits of being a trustworthy user. You should avoid any such behavior that could result in a ban.

As long as you use the site by hand and follow the agreed-upon terms of service, you will have some advantages over other people.

2. Quantity of Followers

In addition to the number of active followers, the number of Instagram followers is a vital aspect of gaining Instagram benefits. The greater your number of followers, the better you are in Instagram’s eyes. However, Instagram followers must be active individuals.

Most people who purchase Instagram followers mistakenly believe they have become trustworthy Instagram influencers. The Instagram algorithm is intelligent enough to detect such conduct and issue bans rather than profile upgrades.

People will trust you more if you spend money on these things, but quality content and user engagement are still the most important factors in getting organic followers.

3. Engagement of Users

Instagram typically promotes posts and stories with the highest user engagement in the search bar for the relevant audience. This isn’t the only perk these accounts get, though; you may also see them highlighted in search results and on a list of accounts we think you’ll like to follow.

Instagram user engagement is primarily determined by the number of likes and comments. However, Instagram also considers some fundamental factors while determining the ultimate user engagement number.

This includes the amount of time a user spent on a post, the number of direct messages received the number of story shares, etc. If your Instagram account has a lot of active users, you can expect to get some benefits, but you must follow Instagram’s Rules of Service (TOS) and not break any of their important rules.

4. Age of the Account

The age of your account is one of the most influential variables in acquiring followers’ trust and increasing the maximum unfollow limit. Never mind how many likes or followers you have. To receive the additional benefits, your account must be at least a certain age.

Instagram specifies in its terms of service that accounts that have been active for more than three months are deemed “old.”

Any account that doesn’t quite measure up is still in its infancy and should stay far away from anything even remotely questionable.

5. Classification of Account

The type of your Instagram account is another crucial component in acquiring trust on the platform. A corporate account without a privacy setting is typically more accessible than a personal account. Instagram allows users to sign up for three distinct types of accounts: personal, creator, and business. Personal accounts are mostly used for personal purposes.

Influencers use creator accounts, while businesses make use of business accounts. Our analysis indicates that creator and company accounts have a few advantages over personal and individual accounts. We, therefore, recommend that you create accounts that fall into one of these two categories.

However, if you’ve signed up for Instagram for personal entertainment and are concerned about your privacy, you must use separate accounts.


Instagram is a social platform where individuals of many races, ethnicities, and religions congregate and establish friendships. Since this is the case, the platform must take all necessary measures to keep itself clean.

Instagram is a community with more than eight billion users who post, follow, comment, like, etc. The majority of users also employ this platform for chatting and making phone calls.

So that only high-quality content spreads through the Instagram community, the company forbids actions like unfollowing a lot of people at once.


If you continue to manually unfollow someone, you may be temporarily denied access to certain features. However, if you continue to use the unfollowing third-party software, your account may be permanently disabled.

When you’ve hit the maximum number of accounts you can unfollow, you won’t be able to unfollow anymore. The unfollow option is ineffective.

But if your account is permanently or temporarily banned, you may get a pop-up message saying that you can’t access it, and you may have trouble logging in.


Although Instagram prohibits users from following or unfollowing an excessive number of people simultaneously, it does provide certain alternatives.

These might be quite useful for Instagram users with an excessive number of followers.

1. Blocking an Individual

If you have a severe issue with someone’s account and wish to unfollow them but are unable to due to a limitation, blocking is a good alternative. But blocking is very different from unfollowing, and you should only use it in extreme situations.

When you block someone’s account, all communication between your accounts stops immediately; this includes likes, comments, and follows.

Additionally, Instagram will delete any previous activity from the blocked account.

2. Restricting User Access

Users who are unable to unfollow more than a predetermined number of accounts can benefit greatly from the ability to restrict any user.

The restrict feature differs differently from the unfollow option in that the individual will remain on your following list, but none of their activities will appear in your feed.

Additionally, restricted accounts cannot comment on or like your postings.

3. Mute Another User

Muting a user’s account is equivalent to preventing any action from that profile. After muting an Instagram user, you won’t see their posts. This includes their stories, comments, favorites, and posts.

The mute option is regarded as superior to unfollowing because muted accounts will not appear on your profile even if you continue to follow them.

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