How to Check Likes on Instagram?

/12 December, 2022 11:05 am

Want a simple way to locate the Instagram posts you’ve liked? It’s easy to forget something you liked because it could disappear from your feed after you like it.

However, you can view the history of your liked postings to find an interesting photo or video posted by another user. The good news is that liked posts can be retrieved via the Instagram app.

Below, we will explain how to view liked Instagram posts.


It is hard to view all of your recent Instagram likes. You may view the 300 most recent posts you liked by checking your account settings within the Instagram app.

Nota bene: The methods for finding your favorite posts on iPhone and Android are nearly identical; however, the user interface may differ between phones.

In order to see which Instagram photos were liked:

  • Launch Instagram on your Apple or Google Play device.
  • Select the account icon located in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Your account page has a hamburger menu in the upper right.
  • Choose an action from the bottom menu.
  • When the Your Activity menu appears, touch the Interactions option.
  • Next, select the “Likes” menu item.
  • Your 300 most recently liked posts will be displayed on the following page. It only takes one tap to see the full post on the user’s feed after selecting a thumbnail.


Having trouble looking through Instagram pictures you’ve liked before? When you first click the “Likes” menu, Instagram arranges posts from most recent to least recent. However, you may like to sort your preferred posts in a different order.

  • To sort through previously liked Instagram posts, tap Sort & filter at the top of the screen.
  • A menu will display various sorting options for your preferences. Example sorts include “newest first,” “author last,” and “beginning/ending dates.”
  • Sorting photographs make it easy to locate the desired image.
  • With a couple of taps of the reset and apply buttons, you can get back to see the most recent threads listed in reverse chronological order. Also worth noting is that you can unlike multiple posts at once.
  • Choose the posts you don’t want to see by tapping the Select button at the top, then tapping each one individually, and finally tapping the Dislike button at the bottom.


If you are a frequent Instagram user, the posts you enjoy may occasionally disappear from your feed. You can examine your list of the 300 most recent likes by following the procedures outlined above.

It is vital to know that viewing your likes requires the Instagram mobile app. Much like other Instagram functions, it cannot be accessed from a computer.

Check out the best times to post on Instagram if you’re new to the service, or discover some helpful Instagram techniques. You may also wish to learn how Instagram Stories operate. Instagram users should enable two-factor authentication to protect their data.

Want to further improve your privacy? Remember to remove your contacts from Instagram.

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