How to Upload a Long Video on Instagram

How to Upload a Long Video on Instagram

/29 November, 2022 11:07 am

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram’s popularity has been on the rise, and users seem to enjoy the app’s emphasis on communication through images and videos.

Instagram is optimized for mobile devices, making it the ideal social media platform for the modern era. Never before has it been simpler to take and share high-quality photographs.

Instagram has gradually added new features in response to user demand for more ways to engage with followers and friends. However, Instagram continues to restrict these features, requiring users to jump through hoops to achieve their objectives. One such objective is the production of longer videos.


Each video uploaded to Instagram Stories is limited to 15 seconds. If your video exceeds this restriction, Instagram will divide it into 15-second chunks (up to 60 seconds total).

The best way is to use a third-party program to reduce longer films that exceed the 60-second limit before uploading them. This lets you choose the length of each clip instead of 15-second segments so it plays automatically.

Start with a 10-second clip for your IG Story, increase it to 15 seconds for the next clip, and keep going past the 60-second mark if you like. According to Mashable, the daily maximum for Stories (segments) is 100.

Even though IG restricts your Story to 60 sec in total, you can add as many clips/segments as necessary to make it as lengthy as you need, up to a maximum of 100 clips/segments. Instagram plays each clip automatically, one after the other, with near-seamless perfection.

1. Add Your Extended Video to Instagram Stories Directly

The quickest way to publish a lengthier video to IG Stories is through the app itself. Remember that Instagram only utilizes the first 60 seconds of a video and breaks it into 15-second chunks.

This means that people will only watch the opening minute of your video, which isn’t always what you want. IG automatically generates 15-second segments that run for up to one minute. The remainder of the video is cut off. However, this feature may not serve all users.

2. To lengthen your Instagram Story, use multiple clips.

Manually posting your video in increments is the simplest and most effective technique to create lengthier movies for your Instagram Story. This approach enables the publication of Stories that are more than 60 seconds in length.

Many third-party tools split your video into chunks of 15 seconds or fewer, and some verify that your video is Instagram-compliant (resolution, framerate, etc.). If not, Instagram transforms them automatically to the needed specifications. These are a few effective methods for lengthening your IG Stories.

InShot is one of the better solutions because you can make “many” modifications to your video before sharing it, such as adding stickers, transitions, audio, and filters, among others.

In addition, InShot is available for both Android and iPhone, unlike many apps that are created just for one operating system.

To share your edited video on Instagram, import it into InShot and use the “Share” button. You then publish it to your Instagram Story.

Final Reflections

Instagram’s widespread appeal stems from its status as a fantastic venue for broadcasting visual content to a fan base. However, Instagram’s time constraints might be aggravating when you wish to upload a video longer than one minute.

If you must post a video to your Instagram account, you should make some effort to make it as compelling as possible. It is difficult, but not impossible, to create a 15-second video that is catchy, interesting, and of excellent quality.

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

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