Instagram Tests a live Producer Tool That Lets You Go Live From a Desktop Using Streaming Software:

/16 December, 2022 8:15 am

Instagram tests a live producer tool that lets you go live. Instagram intends to assist live-stream creators in maximizing their prospects with a new Live Producer tool. Instagram’s Live Producer tool lets desktop broadcasters go live to utilize OBS, Streamlabs, and Streamyard.

As per the Meta-owned company, the Live Producer tool is currently being tested and has not yet been formally introduced. We’re continually aiming to make IG Live a relevant place for shared experiences,” said a Meta representative in an email.

What exactly is Instagram Live Producer?

Up until recently, IG Live broadcasts could only be initiated from smartphones. With IG Live Producer, the social media network will operate similarly to other live broadcasting services like Twitch and YouTube.

The new feature will enable producers to add titles, unique visuals, end cards, etc., to their live stream as well as employ external microphones and additional cameras.


How to utilize Instagram Live Producer on a computer

To Livestream on Instagram from your PC, you must download the streaming software of your choosing:

  • Find where to input the URL and Stream Key when starting the software. Using one of these, you’ll be able to stream directly to IG Live using your streaming software.
  • Click “Add post” followed by “Live” on
  • Click “Go live” and input your video’s title. This option lets you “practice” or “go public.” Choosing “Practice” won’t display your live video to anyone. However, if you select “Public,” you’ll broadcast to your followers, exactly as you would with a conventional live video.
  • Copy the Stream Key. Your stream key, unique URL, and usage instructions will appear. You can see the video by putting the stream key into your streaming app.

You can preview your live stream with Instagram Live Producer. Live Producer should reflect streaming software configurations.

IG says; “the live video will play the last frame from the streaming software if you end your stream before ending Live Producer.” Ending the live video on IG Live Producer before the streaming software guarantees a smooth termination.

Suggestions for audio and video format:

  • In a blog post, Instagram outlined the audio and video format criteria for Live Producer.
  • Additionally, the corporation has supplied guidelines for setting up your first live stream. See below for technical specs.
  • Video format
  • Aspect ratio of 9:16 (suggested but not required)
  • 720p at 30 fps (Note: 30 fps is preferred, although Live Producer may also support 60 fps if necessary. Live Producer’s preview screen will still display 30 fps while utilizing 60 fps. This is typical, and we are actively studying a solution.)
  • Video bitrate range: 2,250 Kbps to 6,000 Kbps
  • Alternatives (suggested): 480p at 30 frames per second and 360p.

Audio file type:

Here are the default streaming platform settings, including OBS:

  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Channel configuration: stereo
  • Maximum bit rate of 256 Kbps

What functionality does Instagram Live Producer provide?

Additionally, Broadcasters can only reply to comments using Live Producer. You can’t implement things like Live Rooms, comment pinning, shopping, Fundraisers, or live Q&A in Live Producer because those features aren’t supported by the software.

As per the company, Live Producer does not currently allow moderating. Instagram claims that you can access your finished broadcast from the Live Archive and share and save it.

However, if this feature is activated, you can only download and share live videos from the Live Archive. If you’re using IG on a mobile device, you can access the Instagram Live Archive.


Implications for Advertisers:

As Instagram tests a new desktop live producer, it offers marketers more opportunities to connect with their target customers in real time. Instagram marketers may increase conversion and engagement via live streams.

Interestingly, Instagram removed the above-mentioned announcement of the new functionality from its official blog shortly after it was released.

TechCrunch reports that the Meta-owned company claims Live Producer is still in development and has not yet been fully rolled out, implying that the piece may have been released prematurely. The availability of the tool to all users has not yet been guaranteed.

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