How to Post a Long Video on Instagram? Story, Reels 2024

/17 May, 2024 4:28 pm

You are trying to post a long video on Instagram but unable to find a way to do that? Well, you are lucky to be here, because we have a quick and simple solution available for you to post a long video on your Instagram feed, story, and reels.

Quick Answer:

To post a longer video on Instagram, you should log in to Instagram through the browser. The browser version of IG will allow you to post a video that is 60 minutes long. Whereas, the mobile version will only allow you to post a 15-minute video at max.

However, if you are wondering whether you can upload longer videos on IG story and reel then it is not possible. Moreover, Instagram Live can be 4 hours long, Instagram reels can be 90 seconds long, and IG stories have a limit of 60 seconds.

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Usually, people do not post longer videos to make it look engaging and interesting. Instagram has always been known for short, light, and fun video reels. Many content creators even post 10-second videos that are funny.

Posting longer videos can also be fun and engaging and you know what, any trend can start any time. Let’s learn more about the length of story and reel videos.

Can You Post a Long Video on Instagram (Longer Than 60 Minutes)?

Instagram does not allow you to post more than 15 minutes long videos through your mobile phone IG app. It has been like that for a long time. However, you can post 60 minutes of video using the desktop version of IG.

The browser version of Instagram has a limit of 60 minutes. In other words, you can post a 60-minute video on Instagram using the browser. Here is how to do it:

Posting a Long Video on Instagram Browser Version

Long videos are hardly to be found on Instagram. Yet, you can post them. Here are the steps to learn to post longer videos:

Note: Record a 60-minute video and save it. (You may receive an error message if you try to post a video for more than 60 minutes. So try to make it slightly shorter.)

  • Now open Instagram on the desktop, login, click on the Create button with the “+” sign at the left sidebar of the screen, and then click on “Post“.

longer video instagram

  • Click on “Select From Computer” in the new pop-up, Browse and select the video you recorded.

long videos on instagram

  • Tap on “Next”.

post longer videos on instagram

  • Edit if you like and then tap on “Next”.

upload a long video to instagram

  • Finally, if you want to add a caption, tag people, do it, and then Click on “share” your post. Afterward, your post will be shared on your Instagram account. Simple as that.

can you post a long video on instagram

You can’t post a 60-minute video through the Instagram mobile app but you can post through the desktop version.

How to Post a video that is longer than 60 minutes on the IG mobile App?

There is a way to post longer videos, however, it is not a one-way street. Here is the method:

  • You can’t post more than 15 minute long video but what you can do is split the video into two or three parts if it is longer than 60 minutes. Use the iMovie tool or any other video editing tool from the Play Store or App Store to trim your video into parts.
  • Now post the parts in order. Now your audience can watch the video in part as a full movie.

How Long can Instagram Reel be?

At the start when Instagram introduced the reel feature, its length was around 15 seconds only. Then with time, the length increased to 30 seconds. And then 60 seconds. And finally, in the final update, the 90-second reel length became the default.

Some research and online data have revealed that the best length for reels is 7 to 15 seconds. Because the public has a lower attention span and may not watch your video for more than 15 seconds.

Post a Long Video on Instagram

However, there is one way to post a reel that is longer than 90 seconds. If you record a video as long as 15 minutes and afterward upload it on IG then it will automatically convert the video to a reel. And you will have a 15-minute reel posted!

What is the Duration of Instagram stories?

You can upload Instagram stories of about 60 seconds only. Whether you upload the story separately or directly record it from the story camera button, the time limit won’t change. However, if your video is more than 60 seconds, then the proceeding part can be trimmed through the IG app itself.

Live Stream on Instagram Longer than 60 minutes

If you are wondering whether you can upload a 3 or 4-hour video on Instagram, then the only easy solution is to go live on Instagram. Instagram Live stream allows you to go live for about 4 hours straight.

In those 4 hours, you can play your video and show it to your audience.

Video Length Limitations for Each Instagram Media-Sharing Feature

  • Instagram Live – You can go live for up to 4 hours straight.
  • Instagram Reel – This can be around 90 seconds long, you can’t share a video longer than that.
  • Instagram Story – This feature allows you to upload 60-second-long videos.
  • Instagram Feed – You can upload a 15-minute-long video using the Instagram Smartphone app and 60 minutes long using the browser version of IG through the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you try posting the video through the Ig mobile phone app then Instagram will cut it into 15 minutes and post it as a reel. But if you post the reel through the PC version of IG then it shows the error that the video should be less than 60 minutes at most.

Post a video that is close to 60 minutes but not more than 60 through the desktop version of IG. Next, the video will be uploaded to its length.

Well, you can post a reel of about 60 seconds at most on Instagram.

Yes, but you have to post it using the PC version of Instagram. Simply login to Instagram through the browser and click the plus button at the left, browse, and then select the video to upload it.

You will only be able to schedule a post on Instagram if you use a business or professional account on Instagram. You would have to switch to a business account to do that.

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