How Much is a Rose Worth on TikTok Live?

/19 April, 2024 6:04 pm

TikTok rose is a gift that people send to each other during the live session. Whenever someone you follow on TikTok is live, you will be able to send the rose to them. That rose is like an emoji of sorts. However, you need to first buy the rose. So how much is a rose worth on TikTok Live and how to buy it? Let’s study in detail.

Quick Answer:

A rose is worth one coin on TikTok Live. And you can get a minimum of 70 coins for 0.90 dollars. These are virtual items bought with real money on TikTok. You can afterward send them as a gift to the person who is streaming live.

You can keep the coins to claim the roses or other items anytime. Coins are available in different packages too, however, they only cost more.

You can buy the rose using the coins available to you on TikTok. But how to get the coins? Let’s also discuss this in this article today!

People make different sorts of videos on TikTok that include technology topics, workouts, funny videos, challenges, and so on.

They even go live at times and do certain entertaining things, so if their fans wish to send a gift to them TikTok has a gift system for that. And that is where this rose comes from.

What are Coins on TikTok?

Coins are a virtual currency on TikTok that are available to you in the store on your TikTok account. They are used to buy gifts like roses and other emoji icons on TikTok so that you can give those roses emoji to the person who is live on TikTok.

What are Coins on TikTok

What we learned is that coins are needed to buy the roses. But how much is a rose worth on TikTok live? Let’s understand that by exploring how much the coins cost. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bigger package, the price would be near and above $19.

How Much is a Rose Worth On TikTok Live?

Well, a rose is worth one coin and each coin has a price. However, you can only get a minimum of 70 coins for $0.90. So there you have your answer.

You can also view your transaction history in the balance section. Rose is a virtual gift that you can give to anyone you admire. These virtual gifts have been bought and used by many TikTokers.

How To Buy Coins On TikTok?

Here are the steps to buy Coins on TikTok:

tiktok roses gift

  • Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.

rose tiktok gift

  • Now go to the settings and privacy menu.

whats a rose on tiktok

  • Tap on the “balance” option.

tiktok roses value

  • Afterward, tap on the “Get” button.

List of TikTok Gifts

  • Select the recharge amount while scrolling through the coin packages. Finally, tap on “Get” to get the selected recharge amount.

Buy Coins On TikTok

Moreover, the users can also purchase the coins from TikTok videos, they’ll be available to you from time to time.

When they are available, you should tap the comment button on the video you are watching. Now tap the gifts in the comment bar, select one package, follow the further instructions, and make the purchase.

TikTok Gifts with Their Coin Price

Each gift has a price. Some gifts you may get for only one coin, while other gifts may cost 5, 30, 299, or 500 coins. The price of each gift is tagged by TikTok based on either the complexity or quality of the gift. Moreover, the reactions cost from around 19 to 29 coins max.

tiktok gifts worth rose

Go to any live TikTok video and click on the gift button to see the list of gifts available for purchase. You can also see their price tag there about how many coins are required to buy them.

Note: You can only view the gift icon in the chat bar when using the mobile version of TikTok. In other words, the gift icon won’t show up when you log in to the desktop version of TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rose is a virtual gift to someone who is live on TikTok. Viewers purchase these live gifts to give to their favorite live streamer. It goes to show how much they admire them and love their craft.

Yes, TikTok live streamers can convert the roses into real money. But only after they convert them into diamonds and then they can be converted into real money. That way any live user can withdraw that money in real life.

There may be some limitations set by TikTok. You obviously wouldn’t want to send hundreds. At the moment you can send as many as you would like with money in your pocket.

No, roses are simply a sign of appreciation and love. There are no special effects or benefits. However, some other gifts may have benefits. On the other hand, receiving a rose can improve the morale of the TikTok live user. And also encourages the live user to interact with the individual you sent the rose.

TikTok does offer discounts on coin packages and even roses and gifts. The discount system is a great way to attract an audience. You will be able to see the discounted offers on different occasions.

Yes, every user can send a rose anonymously on TikTok Live. So when sending a rose, you need to select the anonymously option to do so.

They should contact the TikTok Support team for the inconvenience. Especially if they are unable to receive roses or other gifts from their live audience. Also, taking a screenshot of the issue will give them a better idea and will solve your problem more quickly.

TikTok offers a secure payment method for coins to acquire. So buying roses and then sending them on TikTok live is pretty safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about anything hackrish or out of the ordinary. The transaction is simple with an easy interface.

You will need at least 200 diamonds to withdraw the money. 200 diamonds will convert into real money on withdrawal. And the total will become $100. In other words, you will be able to withdraw a minimum of $100.

It is worth $0.05. However, they don’t have any value until you redeem them.

TikTok has age restrictions that is why. If you are under 18 years of age, then you won’t be able to send the gift to anyone. However, the age differs from country to country. For example in Korea, you need to be at least 19 to send a gift within the TikTok app. So make sure you meet the age requirements for that.

No, the payments are final unlike in the real world. These are virtual items and are claimed by sending real money. So there is no way you will get a refund.

No, the gifts can only be sent when the person is alive. So wait for the person to go live to send the gift to him or her.

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