What are Impressions on LinkedIn & Why Impressions Are Important?

/17 July, 2023 12:19 pm

LinkedIn impressions are the view counts of your post. for example, If your post has got 13 impressions, then that means your post appeared on people’s newsfeeds, 13 times. One time it appeared for one user. Let’s talk further and discuss in more detail what are impressions on LinkedIn.

Let me tell you that it does not really matter if people interact with your post or not, it would still be counted as one impression. If it only appeared on their screen once, will be added to the impressions. LinkedIn impressions option can be found in the analytics section where you can also find the profile views option.

What are Impressions on LinkedIn? And What Purpose Do They Serve?

Each time you log in to your LinkedIn account, you will see impressions in the analytics section. It changes each time you check because more people are viewing your post. Impressions kind of give you an insight into how many times your content is viewed. And it is very different from how many people have reached your content.

LinkedIn impressions gives us an idea of what demographic of people have seen your post. For example, if your post appears in someone’s feed a 2nd time, that view would also be counted as an impression.

Impressions are important metrics because they help you analyze the reach of your content. It is important for businesses to take advantage of that chart.

Why You Must Not Ignore LinkedIn Post Impressions?

If you are a company on LinkedIn then it should be a must to take note of each activity. Impressions on a post hold significant ground. They help you identify what type of clients are looking for your services.

When you go to the impressions section, you will find Discovery, engagement and top demographics of unique viewers. The engagement of the post tells you how many people reacted, commented, or reposted your post.

On the hand demographics of viewers, part gives you the main information about your viewers. Through this analysis, you will be able to check where your viewer lives, what they do, and in what industry they work.

How To Get to the Impressions Section?

The impressions section gives you insight into how your post is doing and what is the profession of your viewers. You can also see their locations. Not really the exact location but the city they are viewing your post from. Without further ado, let’s get to the instructions below to find the impressions section:

  1. Click on the “Me” icon with your profile photo.

post impressions

  1. Scroll down and find the analytics heading and click the “post impressions” button.

How To Get to the Impressions Section?

  1. Afterwards, you will see a lot of your posts with impressions analytics as an option below each post.

Linkedin post impressions

  1. Click “View analytics” and you will be moved to a new screen that will show you post analytics.

How To find the impressions section

What Role Do the Post Impressions Play for Someone Seeking a Job?

If you are looking for a job then there are many factors that play a part. Especially if you have a lot of connections. Impressions will give you an idea of how many people have reached your previous post. And what you can do better to reach more audience.

It will give you the idea to improve your content. It is the content and the idea in it that attracts the viewer. If you keep a natural tone and share your original thoughts. You will sure to reach a greater audience, and will get more likes and comments.

And when you get likes, your number of impressions will change on the post or the comment. You as well get an email from a company’s HR looking to hire someone like you for a post. Furthermore, that way if you are seeking a job, you will get random opportunities as well. And I am talking through experience.


In this article, we have talked about what are Impressions on LinkedIn and their purpose and point. LinkedIn impressions are more like view counts. Each time a person is scrolling through LinkedIn, if your post has gone through their feed, it will be counted as 1 impression.

And if the same person comes back up to your to take a 2nd look at it. Then that seen would be counted as a 2nd impression. This means now you have gathered 2 impressions from one person. Whereas, when we talk about reach, it is quite different from impressions.

Moreover, we have also discussed how beneficial it is to a company and a job seeker. It helps you identify what professional person has looked at your post. Who your clients are and where they are from. These insights can help you identify the needs of your customers and improve with time and reach more people as a result. Thanks for reading!

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