How to Post a Job on LinkedIn in the Easiest Way Possible?

/17 July, 2023 11:58 am

LinkedIn is a place where people post jobs on a daily basis. And are also seeking jobs on a daily basis. Today in this article, we will talk about how to post a job on LinkedIn. Well, you must be aware of the Jobs button on your profile. Well, that is where we start.

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Posting a job on LinkedIn is quite easy. You can either use your personal profile to post a job or you can use it through your company’s account. Let’s now get to the point:

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn Using Your Laptop?

LinkedIn has several features and one of them is Posting a job for free. Follow the below steps to proceed:

  1. When you are logged in to LinkedIn, click the “Job” button with a briefcase icon on it.

Post LinkedIn Job

  1. Now choose the “Post a free job” option in the left.

Post a free job

  1. Fill in the boxes, including job title, company name, workplace type, job location, and job type.

Post free LinkedIn Job

  1. Click “Get started for free.”

Post free LinkedIn Jobs

  1. On the 2nd page, tell us about what role you are looking to hire. Add a short description.

Job Post on LinkedIn


  1. In the description, you need to write down what shall be the responsibilities of the future candidate and their required qualifications.

Job Posts on LinkedIn

  1. Proceed to add what skills you would need the candidate to possess.

Linkedin jonb post

  1. In this step, you must decide how you want the applicant to receive you. If by email, then mention your email. If by an external website, then choose the option and provide your website address.

how to Job Post on LinkedIn in free

  1. You can also ask screening questions mentioned as an example or customize your query.

Post a free Job on LinkedIn

  1. Next, click continue to proceed.

linkedin job post in free

  1. Lastly, you can either promote your post to get qualified professionals or post it without promotion. Whatever the case, just choose the option and your job will be active.

linkedin jobs posts

Note: Once you have finished the process, the job will be active but no one will be able to see it until it has gone through a review process. You will see an “in-review” orange message on your posted job.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn Using Android/iPhone?

Whether you are using an Android phone or IOS, the procedure is the same. Explore the steps below to find out how you can post a job on LinkedIn using your Smartphone:

  1. On the LinkedIn home page, click the bottom-right job icon with a briefcase.

Post a job on linkedin

  1. Select the “Post a job” button that has a pencil icon.

Post free job on linkedin

  1. In this step tell about who you are hiring. Add a job title, your company name, workplace type, job location, and job type. Then click “Next” to proceed further.

Post free jobs on linkedin

  1. Now in this next section, add the job criteria. Write down a description for your job post, of what qualification an applicant must have. And also add screening questions. You can also customize the screening question if you like.

free job post on linkedin

  1. Do not forget to give away your email address if you want applicants to send you their CV on your email address. Otherwise, you can also add your website address, if you want them to contact you through your website. Afterwards, click “Continue” to proceed.

Post a free job on linkedin

  1. Finally, you would have the option to post 1 free job or promote it. Whatever you select, click on it and post the job.

linkedin jobs post

Note: After you have posted 1 job for free, you will reach its limit. So then next time around you would have to pay to promote the job.

How To Write an Effective Job Description?

After you have added all the main details about the job, secondly, you need to add an attractive job description. And also add related skills you want in the applicant.

A job description is much like a blueprint of the job post on LinkedIn. It emphasizes the expected duties and responsibilities of the candidate.

Here are the steps you can use to write a good description:

Give Introduction and Mention Purpose of the Job

Introduce your company and mention the purpose of the job, the candidate is expected to perform. Give an idea of what is the scope of the responsibility.

Provide a good overview of the role. Moreover, 3 to 4 sentences would be enough to let the candidate know why the LinkedIn job post exists in the first place.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Let the applicants know what is the nature of the job. And tell the candidate why, and when the task is performed.

Emphasize the main tasks that the employer shall be doing. Do not add too many responsibilities and keep it short.

Do mention the level of responsibilities that the employer needs to carry. It is better if you also mention the type of supervisory responsibility.

Add Required Skills Related to the Offered Job

Always add the required skill set of the future candidate you would like to hire. Mention the skills specific to the job type.

Do not add any personality type, gender, or age-related requirements. Although if the job demands a certain age or gender role in your company, then do mention it.

Use Active Voice Sentences

Usage of an active voice will make you come across as more confident. This way you will be easily able to engage the participant. Using passive voice does not communicate the same message when it’s about writing a task description.

Using passive voice may confuse the candidate as the message does not sound clear. But if you use active voice, you will directly communicate with the applicant. And this way it can be very well understood by future candidates.

Add Educational Requirements

Mention the required level of qualification a candidate must possess in order to do the job at its best. You should specify the educational background of the employee in the description. So that you could hire that exact person who knows the required area of study.

In addition, you can also add a preferred qualification. If an employee has certain extra skills then that would be great.

Specify Experience Requirement

Always add the minimum to the maximum amount of experience required by the employee. Specifically, state what type of experience is required for the employee to be qualified for the job. So that you can get the best possible candidate for the job.

Mention Perks of Joining Our Company

If you give the candidate a reason to apply then that would be a cherry on the top. Add good perks so that the candidate would prefer your company over another. You can list benefits and perks like your company provides free meals, a free computer, gym, medical insurance, and work-from-home day in case of an emergency.

Can I Promote My Job Post for Free?

No, you cannot promote your job for free, although you can post your job for free, but only once. Also, you can optimize your job to see an increase in reach. Follow the below steps to optimize your job post on LinkedIn:

  1. Choose 3 or 4 functions and industries for job posting.
  2. Write an attractive title.
  3. Keep the sentences short and add bullet points in your job posting.
  4. Renew the job posting after every 14 days.

What Are the Benefits of Promoting a Job on LinkedIn?

There are several benefits. Here are some of the main ones:

Attracting Top Tier Individuals

You will be able to attract top-tier individuals. Meaning, the people you attract through promoting your post, will be highly qualified. It is a great way to reach the most qualified person for your job post. So it is better to promote your job calling than posting for free.

LinkedIn job post promotion is a highly effective method to hire the best person in the market. It would only ask for a fair amount of money. But in the end, the money spent will be worth it. Many big LinkedIn companies go for job promotions to get highly experienced people.

LinkedIn Will Recommend Your Job Offering

After you have promoted your post, the LinkedIn algorithm will start recommending the job opportunity to potential employees. People who are looking for a similar job posting will be seeing your LinkedIn Job offer.

It is very much like running an ad for your post when looking for people to hire. The job recommendation box will be filled with your post for individuals with similar interests. So once you promote the job offer, a lot of people will start to apply and you will start receiving a lot of emails.

Many people around the globe are unemployed. And companies are also looking for skilled individuals. LinkedIn comes in to bridge the gap between the employee and their potential client. It is the best way forward if you are urgent to hire or want the best person in town.

Search Engine Optimized Job Offer

Your Job offer will be seen at the top of the search results when promoted. And will also possess a promotion tag. It will be automatically SEO-optimized for promotion. For example, if you are searching for an individual with a certain skill set then your offer may appear in his search result.

LinkedIn has been more active than before since the coronavirus hit us. People are now looking for more opportunities as times are changing. The competition has also increased. In this new era, one must do the best he can to find a better opportunity or better person for the job.

You can also look at how many impressions your job post has gained. And what type of people have seen your post?

Potential Candidates for the Job Will be Notified

Candidates will receive a mobile notification of your LinkedIn job post. Each individual with the right set of skills that matches the description of your job. Now this will encourage the candidates to apply for the job offered by your company.

In short, every person that matches your job description will receive a notification. This is one of the best advantages of promoting a job post on LinkedIn.

Once the job is promoted, people will get an alert on their smartphones. That notification directly attracts the potential candidate. Another promotional perk is that you will be immediately notified whenever someone applies for your job.

Unlimited Applications

Also, you will have no limit set on the number of applications you can receive. You can most probably receive an unlimited amount of job applications on LinkedIn. The free job post feature is free for a reason, and that reason is limited applications and no promotion.

Whereas, on the other hand, your job posting is getting promoted. And you are also receiving unlimited applications. As a matter of fact, the applications are also very easily manageable as well. You will be able to very easily curate the applications and move forward and ask the right candidate for the interview.

What is the main purpose of a job description?

The purpose of a job description is to provide necessary information to the candidates to make their choice and apply away. It can also be used as proof if you are wrongfully terminated. Moreover, it also helps employees set goals for the future in a new company.

Can I post a Job from My Personal LinkedIn Profile?

Yes, you can. However it is better to create a LinkedIn company page to capture an authentic vibe. Creating a page will allow you to add more details to it. And people are more likely to visit and apply. There are several benefits of creating a page. For example:

  1. You can look into the deeper insights.
  2. It will allow you to upload a logo for your company profile.
  3. Candidates are more likely to reach you


In this article, we have talked about how to post a job on LinkedIn. Well, we discussed how to post on a computer and through a smartphone. Each time you log in to either a mobile device or your browser, you will see a job button. From there you need to click on “Post a free job.

Afterwards, follow the instructions and you are good to go. We also discussed how we can effectively write a great product description.

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