What does the green dot mean on Facebook?

/03 April, 2023 3:26 pm

We know one thing that makes you a Facebook fan are its fantastic and premium features. It knows what we want and should do to make our life easy. It can be estimated through its green dot mean on Facebook feature, which has given you proper authority to decide your activity. That can be a factual statement to prove why Facebook is irreplaceable. Even though many rocking apps are winning hearts, yet no one can beat Facebook.

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However, If you are on Facebook, you may know what the green dot means. But If you don’t know about this excellent green dot feature, don’t worry! We are here to guide you about the activity controller features of Facebook. So if you are focused, intentionally read the entire blog.

What does the green dot mean on Facebook?

Have you seen a green light dot placed next to someone’s Facebook profile? Notice that when someone is offline, it will disappear. It means the green dot indicates somebody’s activity status on Facebook. Besides showing activity status, it also shows the activity timing of someone to know how many hours or minutes ago he was online.

The motive behind introducing this feature is to make online communication easier for users. So they don’t require to wait for the individual if he is not online.

What does the green dot mean on Facebook messenger?

There is no any dissimilarity whether you are on Facebook or Messenger. Thus green dot only signifies your activity status. So it does not matter if you are on the Facebook app or messenger.

However, You will still appear online on Facebook messenger if your messenger is not downloaded. So there is no surety that you will receive a quick response from that person.

How long does the green dot last on Facebook?

The green dot takes a few minutes to delay after you log out. Accomplish you think the green dot will show you currently offline whenever you are active not on the Facebook app. That’s not true. You will still show online if your Facebook account is not logged out from the app and you are using your mobile or PC.

Facebook green dot meaning


However, you can be adequately shown offline if you log out of your Facebook app. But, if your mobile has a Facebook app and messenger simultaneously, you can still show online on both sides. It’s because you have logged out on Facebook, but the messenger is still on, and when you are online on any of these sides, you will show off online stimulatory.

What does the green dot next to the video icon mean on Meta Messenger?

Now you know what the green spot indicates on Fb? But if you see a green dot next to the video camera, it means you are available to do video chat. But if it’s not showing on your Facebook messenger, you need to permit the Facebook app to do video calls. For that simply go to the Facebook app settings on your mobile and toggle the video call icon.

What does the green dot mean on the Facebook page?

The green spot on the Fb page does not indicate you are always online. It’s because, unlike the user profile app, the Facebook page can adjust auto text replies when someone texts them. It shows pages do not need to be online constantly to reply. But auto texts only sometimes work because customers ask different questions. Therefore one should keep checking the messenger.

Online status on Facebook

Can I hide my activity status on Facebook?

Facebook always prioritizes your personal freedom and understands you don’t want to show yourself online. That’s why it has allowed you to secret your activity on Meta.

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Its benefits you in many ways, especially when you forcefully log out of your account to show yourself offline, even you don’t want to do so. But be mindful that you can also not see others’ activity status. Further, your activities will be the same. For example, if you have liked someone’s post, he will normally get a notification. Moreover, if someone has mentioned you on any page and you replied to him offline, he and others can see it.

How to change your active status on Facebook via iPhone or android?

You can effortlessly divert your activity status with your mobile. It will take almost less than one second. So if you want to learn how? Open your mobile, go to the Facebook app, and follow the instructions.

Facebook active status

  • Firstly sign in to your Facebook id.
  • Then move towards the start screen and click the three lines icon. Press it.
  • Ongoing you will see the main menu list.
  • Go to the setting & privacy option.
  • After that, go to the setting icon and click on it.
  • Scroll downward you will see the “active status” icon. Click on it.
  • Ultimately, you will see a show when you’re using an active cursor.
  • When you will Dabb on it, and now your friends can’t see you online until you want to show.

How to change your activity status through your PC?

To change your activity status from your PC, follow the given steps.

  • After connecting to your Facebook account, Tick the icon on the messenger side.
  • There you can watch a three-spots figure. Tap on it.
  • Like your smartphone, you will see the “Active status: icon press on it.
  • Toggle the icon, and you are offline for others.


The blog ends up here. We hope it helped to sort out all your queries. But still, if you feel something needs to be added or want to share your feedback for improvement or other purposes. Comment down below. Thank you.

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