How To Hide YouTube Comments Malware?

/08 April, 2024 11:38 am

Your YouTube video comments section may not always be the same way you expect it to be. Some users spam your comments section with explicit links. Those people who post comments that include a malware link need to be dealt with. So today let’s talk about how to hide Youtube comments Malware.

Quick Answer:

To hide YouTube comments malware, you can directly remove or report the comment from your YouTube video. Go to your YouTube video link, scroll down the comments section, and click on the three vertical dots. Now select either remove or report.

Moreover, you should install antivirus software, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and also use a third-party tool to hide YouTube comments malware. These are the shortcuts you can take. Also, make sure to keep your browser updated, can even install an online security extension if you are using Chrome. Additionally, try doing safe browsing practices to mitigate the virus forever.

Let’s get into the process of staying safe from these individuals. What we have to do is hide these comments. There are several methods you can use to hide YouTube malware, here are some of them:

Five Different methods to Hide YouTube comments Malware

Remove or Report the Comment

One of the straightforward ways to hide YouTube comments with Malware links is to remove and report them. So do we do that:

  • Open YouTube and Click on your Profile picture at the top-right side.

Hide YouTube Comments Malware

  • Now click on “View your channel.”

turn off comments on youtube

  • Go to the videos section.

hide youtube comments

  • Select the video and scroll down to find the comments with the suspicious link. Click on the three vertical dots on the side of the comment and select either report or remove.

How To Hide YouTube Comments

You can do this with every malware comment in your YouTube video section. However, if you want to avoid the hard work, then try the steps mentioned below:

Installing an Antivirus Software

A fast and reputable antivirus can help you stay safe from such malware comments on YouTube. These antivirus software are designed to provide you with a safe experience. So take full advantage of them.

You can install Nord, and Avast for a safe browsing experience. It will also hide the malware comments from your YouTube videos. You should regularly run quick scans to make sure that your system is free of viruses.

Some links seem to be looking normal but are fake. When you go to a phishing link, it is a replica of the same many social media platform sites. For example, you may think that it’s a Facebook login page, but actually, it is a fake one. So avoid adding your login info to it.

These phishing links can trick you into thinking that you are on the right page and you need to give your login info to continue. So don’t do that.

Apart from that, there are also those links that can infect your device. So do not click on any link that seems odd. This way you can reduce the risk of getting any malware virus into your computer or any other device.

Use Third-Party tools to Hide YouTube Comments Malware

There are also good third-party tools that can help you hide the YouTube comments malware. One of them is “Hide YouTube Comments”

It is a suspicious browsing activity software that can help you remove all the virus links you accidentally clicked on in your comments section. Download and use this software wisely to avoid any virus getting into your system.

Install a New Browser or Simply Update

Most browsers come equipped with virus-detection features. So make sure you have the best one installed. On the other hand, you should check for the updated version of the browser, because your browser version may be old.

Once you have updated the browser, no virus can find its way into your system. The browser will detect that the website is not safe and will ask you to go back to the previous page.

Install an Antivirus Extension

Installing an antivirus extension will help you detect any website that is not safe. Even if the browser does have the virus detection feature, the antivirus extension will add another layer of security to it.

You can install Spy Hunter web security extension, avast, and online security extension from “reason labs.” These extensions will make sure that you are safe from any or every malicious link shared by the user in your comments.

Do Safe Browsing Practices

As a YouTube user, you should be vigilant more than the antivirus software. So safe browsing practices are important to stay 100% secure. Here is what to do:

  • Closely observe comments that involve suspicious links, to avoid clicking on them.
  • Look out for phishing links, and make sure to read the web address of the page before sharing your login info. See if the web address is real or fake.
  • Discuss safe browsing practices with your family, friends, and colleagues to stay vigilant in the future.

By following these steps, you can avoid having any virus in your system. It will also keep you safe from comments that include malware links.

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