How Many Photos Can You Post on Instagram?

/07 May, 2024 1:22 pm

Instagram has a very cool interface with several features to explore and one of them is the capability to post photos and videos. But how many photos can you post on Instagram? Well, let’s discuss that in today’s article.

Quick Answer:

You can share about 10 photos, including videos in a single post on Instagram. This feature that allows you to post multiple photos and videos is known as the carousel feature. The carousel feature was first introduced back in 2015. Afterward, Instagram kept updating it and with time it got better.

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People post several visually appealing photos and videos on Instagram in a single post. There are even videos in between the slides and some posts. So how is it possible for a video to exist within a picture carousel? Well, it’s Instagram, and its features are pretty dope.

So How Many Photos Can You Post on Instagram?

The question is can you post more than 10 pictures on Instagram? Well, No, You can post a total of 10 photos only, including videos too within that 10-slot limit. In other words, you will have the option to only select 10 media files, it can be a video or a photo to share in a single post.

This ability to post 10 media files in one post is known as the carousel feature. This carousel feature was first popular on iPad. It is also available on LinkedIn, however, on LinkedIn, you would have to make a document file of it.

How Many Photos Can You Post on Instagram on mobile

Moreover, Instagram first introduced this feature back in 2015 for the ultimate user experience. Instead of creating a single post for each photo they take every day, the feature allowed them to post multiple in one post to keep the theme alive.

Interestingly, the feature at that time missing one thing. Nobody was able to add video within that carousel. So in 2016, Instagram updated that feature and now everybody can add videos too in that 10 media file limit.

How To Share Multiple Photos on Instagram?

Here are the relevant steps to share a total of 10 photos, including a video on your single post:

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  • Now select 10 media files that can either be a video or a photo. Tap the “Select multiple” button beside the camera icon to choose the photos and videos to post.

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  • Once selected, tap the “Next” button to move forward.

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  • Take a moment to make some edits if you like and then click on the “share” button to share your post with your followers.

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How Many Photos Should You Share on Instagram? The Right Balance

You should post no more than 3 photos on Instagram. However, it mostly depends upon your niche. If your niche is fashion, travel, or lifestyle then that number can change. In other words, you should post more than 3 if the demand is there.

Other than that posting an average of 4 photos is the right balance. Since not everybody has the time to swipe right all day long. But if you post pictures with faces, it will gladly get more attention from those who do not have a face in the photo.

Every sort of niche must balance out some media files to use. Posting too much won’t serve any good purpose. So post as many as your niche demands.

What Sort of Photos You Should not Post on Instagram?

Well, you should not post photos that include gone, violence, and nudity. Because if you do, your account will be temporarily or maybe permanently banned by Instagram. So what sort of photos would be Instagram-worthy?

Well, photos that evoke emotions are considered Instagram-worthy. The photos are beautiful, hilarious, and totally amazing. Moreover, if you are a food blogger then your food pictures should be elegant and properly shot with a high-quality camera.

Even pictures of quotes with a nice background can be intimidating. There is an Instagram account called WordPorn, that posts some insanely cool pictures with artistic backgrounds of text.

Other than that, you should not post pictures of your hands or circle of feet. However, you can post pictures of your face, like a quality selfie. Because posts with faces get more attention than usual as we discussed above.

  1. The carousel feature helps to make your content look more engaging since you have the option to also add videos.
  2. According to the statistics, the total viewing time of a photo on Instagram is about 2 seconds. So making a carousel will make the viewer stay there for longer.
  3. Add vocation content or tutorial in the carousel content. It grabs more attention. It can have a maximum of five photos.
  4. Make a storytelling carousel to have your audience notice you and stick around for a long. And to also leave a follow.

How to Post Photo Collages on Instagram?

  1. To post a photo collage on Instagram, you should download the layout for the Instagram app.
  2. Simply go to the Google Play Store and search “Layout for Instagram.”
  3. Tap on install to download and install it.
  4. Afterward, open it, select the collage design, and browse photos to add to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not possible to post 20 photos on Instagram. You can only go for 10 at most. What you can do is create another post to upload 10 more photos on Instagram.

You can’t. Instagram does not allow anyone to post more than at least 10 photos. So you won’t be able to post 15. Simply create another post.

No, even on the Instagram story, you can’t post more than 10 photos, including videos. Instagram has set the story limit to 10.

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