How to Link Facebook and Instagram?

/14 February, 2024 6:08 pm

If you want to make your overall social media experience amazing then you need to link Facebook and Instagram. Linking two popular platforms’ accounts will make things easier for you. So today we are going to learn how to link Facebook and Instagram.

Quick Answer:

In short, you need to open our Facebook page to link your Instagram account. In the browser, while on your page, you need to go to its settings. That is where you need to tap on the "Linked accounts" option

Now click on "Connect account." confirm to connect. If you want to do the same things on Android or IOS, then switch to your page, click on manage, then see more, and lastly find the LinkedIn accounts option

Finally, select Instagram, tap the connect account button, confirm the connection and you are good to go.

Instagram has become a part of Facebook since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. So it is only best to link them both. Since you will be able to reply and post all at once on both platforms. Let’s dive right into the process of linking them together:

Here are the important steps to linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts:

  1. Log into Facebook and click on the Pages option at the left sidebar. If you cannot find the Pages button then click on “See more” to find it.

Link Facebook and Instagram through Computer

  1. Now click on the “Pages” you manage.

How to Link Facebook and Instagram

  1. Click “Switch now” to switch to your page.

how to link facebook to instagram on phone

  1. On your page, you should click on the “Settings” button with a gear icon at the left side menu.

how to link facebook to instagram on computer

  1. Hit the “Linked accounts” option.

instagram login with facebook password

  1. Finally, on the main page menu, you will see an Instagram icon with a button saying “Connect account” Hit it.

How do I link my Facebook account to Instagram?

  1. Click “Connect” again on the new pop-up menu.

How do I link Facebook posts to Instagram?

  1. Confirm your action on another window.

cross post from facebook to instagram

  1. Now a new window will appear where you need to mention your Instagram account credentials.

Here are the steps to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts using your Android or Apple device:

  1. Log right into your Facebook app and hit the “Three horizontal lines” at the top right side.

How to Link Facebook and Instagram using Android

  1. Tap on the “Pages” option in the new window and select the page you manage.

 Link Facebook and Instagram using Android or IOS

  1. A pop-up will appear, you need to click on “Switch now” to switch to the page.

 Link Facebook and Instagram using phone or IOS

  1. Again click on the “Three horizontal lines”.

How to Cross-Post to Instagram From a Facebook Page

  1. Next, you need to tap on your page’s “Profile Pic” to go to the page.

tap on your page’s “Profile Pic”

  1. Now tap on the “Manage” option on your page.


  1. Scroll down and tap “See more.”

How do I connect Instagram to Facebook IOS?

  1. Now choose the “Linked accounts” option.

Linked accounts

  1. You will see WhatsApp and Instagram options. Now select “Instagram.”

How do I link my Facebook to Instagram on Android?

  1. Tap the “Connect account” option.

“Connect account”

  1. Hit the “Continue” button.


  1. Write your login details to log in.

login details

Now your Instagram account will be connected to your Facebook account on your Smartphone.

How to Cross-Post to an Instagram Account from Facebook?

You must be wondering how to cross-post now that you have linked them. Well. It is also easy peasy. Here is how:

  1. Go to this link

And click: “Try now.”

How to Cross-Post to an Instagram Account from Facebook?

  1. The Creator mode will open up. Simply click on “Create post.”

how to cross post to instagram from facebook

  1. Press the bar under the “Post to” heading.

can you cross post from facebook to instagram

  1. Once the menu appears,” mark or tick the “Instagram connect” option as well.

link facebook to instagram

  1. Now create a post and publish it to share it on both platforms all at once.

create a post and publish it

How to Cross-post to a Facebook Account From Instagram?

We have learned to Link Facebook account with Instagram account but now let’s talk about cross-posting through Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram, and tap on the “+” icon to choose what to post.

How to Cross-post to a Facebook Account From Instagram

  1. After choosing the image to post, you should tap “Next” at the top-right corner.

why can't i post from facebook to instagram

  1. Choose the filter if you like or add music and afterward, tap “Next” again.

share facebook post to instagram mobile

  1. Now a new window will open, this is where you should scroll down to find “Also post to Facebook.” Toggle on this option.

Cross-Post to an Instagram Account from Facebook

  1. A new window will appear, log in to Instagram if asked. Other than that tap on “Creator” or “Business” based on your preference and press “Next.” Give the password to your Facebook account and log in if it brings you to a Facebook page.

Give the password to your Facebook account

  1. Now click “Share” to share the post to both Facebook and Instagram.

click “Share”

Benefits of Linking Your Instagram to a Facebook Page

You have learned to link your Facebook account with your Instagram account. But what are the benefits? Let’s discuss them below:

Trust Building

It gives your customers confidence that it is you who they are interacting with. Linking both accounts not only makes it easier for you but also makes it easier for your customers to identify you. 

Easy Scheduling of Posts

You can schedule posts from both accounts through Creator mode if you are always on a busy schedule. So when you open the Creator mode, you will have the option where your Instagram account will be already linked. All you had to do was publish the post. So it is essential to have your accounts connected to schedule posts on both platforms. 

Quicker Message Response

No matter on which platform you receive the message, you will be notified immediately. When you link your Facebook account with your Instagram account, it will ask you to turn on the message response.

In other, words, it would become easier for you to respond to the messages on both platforms. Since you will even have the option to filter out the messages.

Better insights

With Facebook and Instagram connected you can see the insights of both platforms easily on your dashboard. This allows you to also compare audiences, their timing, their activity, and so on. It will help you make an informed decision when it comes to promoting something on both social media platforms.

Create ads

In some areas, you would need to have a linked Facebook account to run an ad. Connecting both Instagram and Facebook accounts is beneficial when it comes to making ads smoothly. It will also allow to have access to features in one account. 

Create Instagram shop

If you want to sell your products on Instagram, you need to have a Facebook account linked. So when you link both accounts, you can sync all the information and can use different new features. For example appointment buttons and stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both platforms are amazing in their own way, they are similar yet have a different focus. Instagram is a more visually appealing photos-focused platform while Facebook is much of everything where people become friends from diverse backgrounds.

Facebook is where so much happens, there are groups, games, and so on. While Instagram has fewer features but is quite good. So you must have accounts on both platforms to increase your online presence.

In case your accounts are hacked you can contact Instagram and Facebook help support depending on which account is hacked. Here are steps you can take to unpack your account:

  • Change your password by going into the account settings. After changing the password, click on “Log out of other devices.”
  • Alert your friends that your account is hacked so that they can stay cautious.
  • Reset your password if you cannot log in. Click on “forgot password.”
  • Give your email address, take the code, and log in to your account with a stronger password.
  • If nothing works out, visit this help centre:
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