What Is Spotify Duo and How Does It Work?

/03 June, 2024 5:27 pm

Spotify is a popular music streaming service with several premium packages to cater to your needs. But what is Spotify Duo and how does it work? Today that is what we are going to find out in this article.

Quick Answer:

Spotify Duo is a subscription service that allows two people to have individual premium accounts under the same roof. Only one person can pay for this service. Moreover, it requires a verification process to make sure that two people live together.

In other words, it is a discount plan for two people who live together. How it works? All you have to do is subscribe to the Spotify Premium Duo plan, but before that, you should make sure that you are near each other. Once the payment is made for the plan, Share the email of your Duo partner with Spotify to receive an invitation to join.

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Spotify offers premium services with interesting features that allow you to listen to music without any ads popping up. Moreover, you are also able to download songs when your premium plan is on.

What is Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo is the name of a subscription plan/package available on the Spotify app. It is also known as Premium Duo. It is similar to a family plan, however, in this package you get 2 premium accounts, it is also less costly than the family plan.

Spotify Duo

Spotify Premium Duo plan means two people living under the same roof can have two premium accounts at the same time. In other words, two people can have separate playlists, listening histories, and recommendations.

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What are the Features of Spotify Duo?

The Spotify Premium Duo features include:

Ad-free music listening

Which means you won’t be disturbed in the middle of listening to your favourite song. No advertisement will show up.

Downloadable songs for offline listening

The Premium Duo subscription plan also includes a download feature so that you can download your favourite songs to your device for offline listening.

Play Songs in Any Order

Play the playlist or a song in any order by using smart shuffle or regular shuffle. It will all become easy after getting the Premium Duo subscription plan.

High-Quality Sound

The quality of the music will be higher than the regular free version without a subscription plan.

Cancel the Subscription plan anytime

You heard it right, you can cancel the plan anytime you want.

Unlimited Skips

Free users may not be able to skip many songs but with a premium plan at hand, you can have unlimited skips in a playlist. Simply hit “next” and your song will be skipped.

Duo Mix

Duo mix is Spotify’s feature only available to those with the Premium Duo plan activated. It is known as the playlist made between you and your duo partner. This feature can mix up the songs you and your partner have listened to and automatically create a playlist.

The duo mix playlist can easily be found in the “Made for you” section. You can also search “duo mix” in the search bar. Here is how to join Spotify duo mix:

  • Open this link: Spotify.com/account/duo and click to join the duo mix option.
  • Finally, hit the blue button so that you can join the duo mix.

Now you have joined the duo mix. If you ever change your mind, you even cancel it anytime. Simply return to your profile page and select “Leave Duo Mix.”

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How Does Spotify Duo Work and How Much Does It Cost?

Spotify Premium Duo has 5 different plans. One is a subscription service that renews after a month so you would be paying around $1.61 per month and it will renew after the month is finished.

Next, we have 4 different prepay payment plans. These are one-time payment options. In other words, if you pay one-time for a 3-month package, then it will not renew and once 3 months are over, your plan won’t renew itself and you will have to buy it again. Here is the Spotify duo price for prepay one-time payment plan:

  • 12 months: $18.59
  • 6 months: $9.47
  • 3 months: $4.81
  • 1 month: $1.78

How Do We Set up Spotify Duo?

Settings up your Spotify Duo plan is pretty simple and easy. If you are setting up the account for yourself the other person who can be either your wife or friend, should be present at the moment. Here is how it works:

  • Both of you must sign in to your Spotify if you haven’t already.
  • The main person who is going to pay for the plan must visit the premium menu to select the Spotify Duo Premium plan.
  • Choose any one premium subscription option and proceed to make a payment.
  • After subscribing to the Duo package, you will get an option to invite another person to your Duo account.

Here’s how to invite someone to your Duo plan:

  • Share the email address of that person on the next prompt so that Spotify can send them an invitation link.
  • The person that you have invited will now receive an invitation to join your Spotify Duo subscription. Once that person accepts the invitation, they’ll have to sign in with their account to Spotify.
  • After they sign in to their account, you both will be linked through one subscription that will benefit you two.
  1. Note: The owner of the subscription plan will be responsible for the free payment every month. So you can decide for yourself how to divide the payment.

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Alternate Way to Subscribe to a Spotify Duo Plan

Here is another way to subscribe if you are not using a mobile phone, you can also subscribe to the service using the Spotify website.

  • Go to Spotify.com and click on “Explore Premium”.

spotify premium duo

  • Now select the premium Duo and choose the subscription package.

spotify duo cost

  • Proceed to pay for the plan and verify yourself.
  • Link it to your spouse’s account when she receives an invitation and you are good to go.

Spotify Premium Duo Terms and Conditions

Now let’s talk about whether you are eligible for the Premium Duo version or not. There is a whole verification process before you get the plan for yourself or your wife/husband or roommate.

For you to be eligible for the Duo subscription plan, you need to reside at the same place. In other words, Spotify will ask you to verify whether you two live at the same address.

Both the primary account holder and secondary account holder need to be living together. So after activating, you will be asked to verify your address, once verified, you are good to go.

Is the Spotify Duo Subscription plan best for me and my partner?

Yes, Spotify Duo is a perfect subscription plan to entertain you and your spouse. There are several features including a duo mix which you may like better. This plan is suitable for two people who want to use Spotify Premium together and who live in a house together.

The only disadvantage would be that only one of you can make the payment. Other than that it is a cost-effective and easy way to enjoy music for a couple who have a Spotify app.

Furthermore, if you live alone then Spotify individual is the best option.

What Other Plans Does Spotify Have Apart from Premium Duo?

Apart from Premium Duo, Spotify offers the following subscription plans:


You can activate this Premium mini plan for either 1 day or a week. Only one person can use this with up to 30 songs available for offline listening. Additionally, its audio quality is basic rather than high-quality since it is a smaller package.


Premium Individual is a monthly subscription plan with quality audio, unlimited listening, and downloading. You can also cancel it anytime.


The premium student plan involves unlimited ad-free music listening, even when offline. Millions of playlists and songs are available to you. More sound quality for every song.


You can play offline from anywhere. It is ad-free with 15 hours per month of listening time. In addition, there are unlimited skips, tap on “next” to play a new song.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is the best thing you could get if you live together. Whether you live together as a couple or roommates, Spotify Duo is the ultimate choice for you.

Yes, when compared to individual plans, Spotify Premium Duo is cheaper than any two packages combined. Spotify Duo costs less than the family subscription plan.

No, only one individual has to pay for the plan, the other will get the invitation to join you after you have activated the package.

Yes, however, it is only possible once a year. So make sure to keep that in mind when separating if you are roommates.

No, it does not offer a free trial for a premium duo plan. However, you can try the regular version of the premium for free and for 30 days to learn the benefits and experiment with its different features.

Yes, it can be done easily, simply explore the premium plans, select Duo premium, and then click on “Change plan.”

No, both users use their separate accounts. However, one person only needs an invitation link to get access to the premium Duo plan.

No, it can't work that way, you might have to wait for it to switch to the free plan. So you both must stay together for the Duo premium plan to work.

No, you can’t share it with a person living away from you. Because Spotify requires verification and your addresses must match.

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