16 Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram in 2024 (Free & Paid)

/20 March, 2024 2:38 pm

Instagram is the top-rated and most-used app. Sometimes when you have a lot of followers, it gets hard to keep track of them. You won’t know who unfollowed or followed you. So for that, there are 16 best unfollow apps for Instagram in 2024 we will review that you can use to keep track of your followers.

Quick Answer:

Here is a quick answer to why these apps are the best:

Unfollow for Instagram: Easily track non-followers and can help you unfollow multiple accounts at once.

Nitreo Unfollow Tracker App: Monitor your followers and find out about bots or fake accounts.

FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps): It can help you track your story viewers and top likers. And engage with followers using its advanced features.

Bot Removal: Remove bots and spammers from your Instagram account to increase your engagement rate.

InsTrack: Analyze your Instagram account's performance with advanced analytics and scheduling features.

Followers Pro+: Monitor profile visitors, and engagement rate, and gain insights into your followers' activity.

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers Unfollow App For Instagram: Easily get to know about your unfollowers, ghost followers, and mutual followers.

Reports for Followers: Receive detailed follower analytics. Also, track your Instagram account's growth.

Turbo Unfollow: Remove bots and fake accounts. See your detailed engagement metrics, and compare them with competitors' analytics.

Social Ghost: Analyze your account’s insights, track unfollowers, and learn about those who least react to your posts.

Analyzer Plus-Followers Report: Gain deep insights into your followers' activity and engagement levels.

nFollowers: It will help you track engagement metrics, and analyze your accounts performance.

Iconosquare: Get access to advanced analytics, reports, and scheduling features to manage your Instagram account.

Combin: Find your target audience, engage with followers, and grow your IG profile organically.

IGdm Pro: Control your Instagram direct messages, schedule messages, and organize the chats.

Followers & Unfollowers: Gain insights into your Instagram account's activity, manage followers, and maintain a well-balanced ratio.

These unfollow apps can offer you several different features to grow on Instagram. Especially to learn about the unfollowers.

Many of these unfollow apps have similar features so you can choose the best that suits your needs. These apps are available because Instagram itself does not provide features like letting you know who unfollowed you.

These trackers allow you to keep track of your followers with additional features not available on Instagram. So that you can clean out those followers who are inactive and are bots.

16 Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram

1. Unfollow for Instagram – Non-f

Unfollow for Instagram – Non-f app has a simple interface that allows you to track non-followers and unfollow multiple users at once. It is like an Instagram account manager tool with additional features for ease. It will let you know about those people who you are following but they are not following you.

Unfollow Apps for Instagram

You will also be able to see the mutual followers in the app. It has no fancy layout and is pretty straightforward. So use it to follow or unfollow people in a few clicks.

2. Nitreo Unfollow Tracker App

Nitreo is best to use to check the insights that can help you organically grow. You can view your organic growth meter to help you be known to others and get more followers. It will allow you to track all sorts of followers.

You would know which account is a bot, fake, a ghost, or an unfollower. Nitro will give your Instagram account a push to a new successful journey. You will see your success graph going up.

You would have to specify your niche and enjoy the easy-to-use app. Each follower you see through Nitero will be real. It is a helpful app that will assist you in connecting with genuine IG accounts.

3. FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)

FollowMeter is another best unfollowing apps for Instagram. You can use it to not just unfollow or follow someone but also track who sees your stories the most. Moreover, you can see who has viewed your story but isn’t really following you.

safe Unfollow Apps for Instagram

And the list goes on. It has many advanced features that could be beneficial to you. For example, you will also be able to see your top likers, secret admirers, and followers who ghost you once in a while.

You can even track people who have blocked you, find your posts with the most engagement, and use an activity meter to track all things engagement-related. There is also a premium offer that you can use for more enhanced features.

4. Bot Removal – Best Unfollow App on Instagram

Bot removal is a fun and interesting app that will allow you to unfollow bots and ghosts on Instagram. It is the best free app you can find for your iPhone in 2024. It was previously known as Ghosthunter. You can call it bot removal software.

You heard it right, it actually does what it says. Instagram has many accounts run by bots and ghosts in short. So to avoid confronting them in the future, a bot removal app can help. It is easy to use and will help you erase all the fake accounts, bots, and spammers.

Afterward, you will only have real followers left, now these genuine followers will help you grow. Since every unwanted tag, spam comments, and ghost account are deleted. It is evident that when you only have authentic followers, your chances of getting viral rises.

However, this app is only downloaded through the browser and is not made for mobile phones. It is free and can also be used to customize your security settings for better defence against bots. Additionally, you can view the unlikes of people and other insights relevant to it.

5. InsTrack

InsTrack is a powerful analytics tool to look into the deep insights to grow on Instagram. However, it is only available for IOS devices. And it is not in any way associated with Instagram. But it can give you the tools and better insights of your Instagram account to measure success in the future.

Unfollow Instagram Apps free

InsTrack is suitable for influencers, celebrities, marketers, and big to small businesses. So let’s discuss the main features of this Unfollow app for Instagram in 2024:

  • It can give you personalized recommendations to improve your experience on IG.
  • You will be able to track your competitors and the popular hashtags for further overhaul.
  • It has an advanced filtering and search feature that allows you to manage comments.
  • You can use its smart scheduling feature that allows you to schedule and automatically reschedule posts.
  • There will be notifications for a follower count change. Either you gain the followers or lose.
  • Use it for multiple IG accounts.
  • Moreover, you can see your stories rank, media rank, and so on with a pro subscription.

6. Followers Pro+

Followers Pro+ is just another best unfollow apps for Instagram that you can install in 2024. It is available for free for iPhone users. It will allow you to learn about people who viewed your profile, especially those who don’t follow you.

It has a search function as well that allows you to keep track of the followers you lose and gain. You can go through its several control options, especially in the paid version that is available for iPhone.

  • You can find out who unfollowed you.
  • There is also a cool tool that allows you to see your follower’s analytics where you can see who you are not following back. And who you are following back.
  • Moreover, you can keep track of your engagement rate.

7. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers Unfollow App For Instagram

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is an app that will allow you to analyze the people who have unfollowed you and keep track of those who are following you. It is made to offer everyone a detailed analysis of their account, whether business account or private.

You can easily identify the unfollowers and ghost followers (Your fans) through this app. Even mutual followers can be seen with a visually interesting interface. You will also have the option to keep track of the interaction you have with your followers. Have fun with it since it will give you full control of your account, never been seen before.

8. Reports for Followers

Reports for Followers is a very well-designed app with a classy interface. It is also easy to use. You can use it to track your unfollowers and new followers on Instagram. It has multiple features available for you to enhance your engagement as well.

check unfollowers instagram online free

It is a trustworthy app only available for iPhone users. You can receive notifications for comments and likes too and monitor your account much more easily. Here are the main benefits of the Reports for Followers app:

  • You will be able to see a wide range of detailed follower analytics. Including the followers who are not following you.
  • There is an option to track your stories and viewer analytics. And track your account’s growth to the fullest.
  • You can have a flexible plan to choose from too.

9. Turbo Unfollow

Turbo Unfollow is an Android-only supported app that can help you dominate the social media market. It gets easier to clean out your account from bots and fake accounts because it helps to enhance your engagement.

In simple quick methods, you can unfollow a number of individuals through the Turbo unfollow app. Here are the main features that the Turbo app has:

  • You can even learn about your fans who regularly follow you and interact. Especially, those who are not following you.
  • Find out which celebrity verified profile has seen your profile.
  • It has artificial intelligence installed to predict your growth in the future.
  • You will have a beautiful chart of analytics available to calculate useful information.
  • Check your past Instagram posts.
  • Can block bots, spam accounts, trash, and things that you don’t love.
  • You can add multiple Insta accounts in the Turbo Unfollow app.
  • Can also turn on dark mode.
  • Compare your Instagram analytics with competitors.

10. Social Ghost

Social Ghost is an app that will show you everything from insights to a well-done analysis of your account. You can track your engagement, identify your least engaged followers, and monitor the people who unfollowed you.

It has a simple minimalistic design with several free features to offer you. Use it to better understand your account’s features and optimize it more.

Here are some key features of this app:

  • Account analysis is available with a plethora of reports.
  • Quick to find out who has unfollowed you or followed you.
  • Get a detailed report on who liked or viewed your story or highlight.
  • Search for someone’s story anytime and quickly.
  • Discover your hidden fans of yours.

11. Analyzer Plus-Followers Report

Analyzer Plus-Followers report app is a professional app for viewing those who unfollowed you on Instagram. It is efficient and reliable when it comes to getting deep insights into your account. You can track the various areas of your account like the users who just unfollowed you, blocked you, and so on.

Which is the best Unfollowers app for Instagram

You will be able to open a complete engagement analysis of your account. So that you can further optimize your profile. Moreover, you can gain followers if you look into what competitors are doing. Here are amazing features of this app that will allow you to track your unfollowers:

  • You will be able to see who unfollowed you in detailed measure.
  • Easily identify the users that are not following you back
  • Get to know who unfollowed or followed you within a month, a week, or a year.
  • See the detailed graph of your present followers.
  • You can list the users who have lost interest in your content.
  • Engagement analysis with more detailed information.
  • See followers who ghost you all the time and never leave any likes or comments.
  • Find out who are the best followers who have left the most comments on your IG posts.
  • Get to see the post that got the most likes and comments.
  • Tell you the most/least viewed stories.
  • Learn about those users who have deleted comments under your post.

12. nFollowers: Unfollowers Report

Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram through the nFollowers app. And quickly identify who followed you back. You can even find out about people who you have been interacting with for a long time.

You can view the different levels of engagement you had with all the followers in a much more detailed view. Access interesting insights that include users who love your content the most. Moreover, nFollowers can highlight followers who don’t interact much.

There is a unique Instagram experience awaiting that is hardly found in other apps. So here are the main features of this app:

  • Track every single follower, whether an unfollower or someone ghosting you.
  • Track the followers that you haven’t been following back but they are following you.
  • Quickly follow and unfollow anyone.

13. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an app that allows you to track followers and see the analytics of your account. Iconosquare is not an app but a website that helps you see your social media account analytics.

It has an advanced version of analytics and reports to show you. Its interface is in a simple white colour. You can easily use it to post and schedule your content. This app is perfect for any social media marketer.

Iconosquare is more than an Instagram unfollow app. You get to see the real-time report of your brand and business growth. When you first time make an account on it, you will get access to all of its features right away.

There are some pricing plans you can look at and make a choice based on your suitable budget. So money is not a problem here. More importantly, it has 10s thousands of users using it. It helps you stay focused on your content strategy while your brand takes its first social media flight.

It comes with a rich set of features to make your Instagram more manageable with its efficient interface. So check it out and find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. And if you are in search of the best app, then Iconosquare stands out as the best as well.

Here are some of its features you may need to know about:


It has a big dashboard with insights to look at that can help you make better decisions in the social media market.


Export any social media insights, including Instagram’s insights, anytime you like.


Schedule your content across multiple social media accounts beforehand.


Collaborate and submit your content for approval.


Easily respond to unread comments, messages, and mentions. Everything is exportable.


Spy on your competitors, listen to your audience, monitor how your business and brand are doing, and act accordingly.

14. Combin

Combin is your new Instagram growth hack application. It is a great unfollow app for Instagram that helps you find your target audience, and engage and grow your followers on your account at a rapid rate. Also, see the number of likes and comments much more easily now.

It is an Instagram marketing tool that comes with many powerful features. You can analyze your growth rate, target your audience, and manage and engage with them accordingly. Through this tool, you can build a thriving community for your Instagram account. Additionally, you can gain more followers as well.

What’s included in this tool and why it is beneficial:

  • You can view your growth and performance statistics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Smoothly navigate through menus and see who unfollowed you or followed you recently.
  • Do an advanced Instagram search to find relevant profiles and posts by combining different search filters.
  • Categorize your followers by selecting the male or female option. Learn about the different demographics of people with different languages.
  • Easily identify the accounts that never or least engage with your posts with our breakthrough technology.
  • Immediately detect the people who do not follow you back and unfollow them right away. Also, track the accounts you have unfollowed and set settings that prevent you from following them back automatically.
  • Create a commenting template and post them in batches.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts on one page.
  • View your stories to a maximum audience with extra attributes and functionalities.

15. IGdm Pro

For the maximum amount of productivity, you should go for IGdm Pro. It is a tool that can help you control your Instagram direct messages. It is available for Linux, windows, and Mac with 12 unique features to offer.

In 2024, IGdm Pro can be your best tool to enhance your business and work on improving its growth factor. Here are the detailed features you may want to know before buying it:

  • You can use IGdm free for 14 14-day periods and don’t even have to subscribe to it.
  • Enable automatic replies on IGdm Pro and respond to every new message you receive despite being offline.
  • You are able to schedule messages to send anytime you like.
  • Send messages in bulk to 500+ users including your non-followers.
  • Automatically send greetings messages to your new followers to engage with them effortlessly.
  • Easily organize the conversations, and move them to a different folder at any time.
  • View a big list of users who have unfollowed you.
  • Disable read receipts to prevent other users in your DM from knowing whether you have seen their message or not.
  • You can also save Instagram posts that include images and videos. Also, those which are shared with you in the DM.
  • Save frequently used messages and take advantage of the quick replies feature to use them again.
  • 2-Factor authentication is supported by IGdm Pro for higher security.
  • Set message reminders to remind yourself of the conversation you will be having in the next few days or hours.

16. Followers & Unfollowers

Followers and Unfollowers is a free Instagram follow count app for Android that helps you observe your account’s activity. It gives you a wide range of insights into your accounts.

You can manage your followers in various ways. Learn about your ghost followers, secret admirers, and so on. You can get information about all of them. Here are the highlights of this app and its best features:

  • Look at valuable follower Insights that include top followers, ghost followers, and secret admirers.
  • Keep track of your account’s activity by observing your mutual followers and those who recently unfollowed you.
  • Analyze the likes and comments of your most and least popular posts on Instagram.
  • Maintain a balanced ratio of followers and following by unfollowing anyone with a quick one-click.
  • Login with multiple Instagram accounts to work smoothly.
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