What to Do If Your Facebook Account Has Been Cloned?

/04 June, 2024 6:27 pm

There are all sorts of people to be found in the world, good, bad, and evil. Similarly, digital platforms like Facebook are also not safe from such people including scammers. So today we’ll talk about what to do if your Facebook account has been cloned.

Quick Answer:

What you can do is go to the fake profile clone page that is falsely representing you. Then click on the three horizontal dots and select the "Find support or report" option. Now choose "Pretending to be someone" and then select "Me." Afterward, submit the report.

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Facebook has strict policies and community standards so that nobody can negatively affect anyone. You also have the option to report bad behaviour to Facebook or anything criminal.

But how to deal with people who clone your Facebook account and try to send requests to your friends to get sensitive information?

Let’s discuss in detail:

What Is Facebook Account Cloning?

A Facebook account cloning means someone has made a copy of your account. Your Facebook account has been cloned by someone. And that person may use your name to get attention and could also claim to have robbed someone or shared malicious links.

In other words, a person with a cloned Facebook account that falsely represents you can ruin your reputation. The people who create a clone of your account, copy everything from your date of birth to your interests and use your photo as well.

You should be on the lookout if your cloned account starts to add your friends to their friend list. Make sure your friends know that that person is a faker.

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Why Does Facebook Accounts Get Cloned?

It is mainly either they want to simply ruin your reputation out of revenge or want money. They could easily pretend to be you on the internet and ask your family and friends for money. Cloning does not require hacking, they only need your profile picture and profile info.

There are several types of colonies. Some may try to infect your friends’ computers by sending a malicious link. These links could slow your system down and may even hack your system allowing them to steal your friends’ information.

How to Deal with Profile Cloners?

FB account cloners are the worst. But it is a process that can help you smoothly deal with them and sleep easily. Here is what to do if your Facebook account has been cloned:

  • Open up Facebook go to the cloner profile and click on the “three horizontal dots”.

cloned facebook account

  • Choose the ‘find support or report” option.

someone cloned my facebook account

  • Select “Pretending to be someone”.

facebook cloned or hacked

  • Click on the “Me” button.

fb account is cloned

  • Finally, submit the report.

how Facebook Account Has Been Cloned

Now that your report has been submitted, Facebook will take action and will notify you once the cloner’s account has been banned permanently.

Here is what more You Can Do to Stay Safe:

Let your friends know that there is a cloner that is mimicking you and could potentially send harmful links or data so do not respond or accept requests from that account. Letting your friends and family know about a cloner is the best way to stay safe.

Tell your friends and family to block the user by creating a post about the existence of a clone account.

Do not accept requests from strangers. You don’t have to accept everyone. In this way, you could stay safe from anyone cloning your account.

Lock your account to stay safe from future cloners. Nobody will be able to either download your pictures or add your info to pretend to be you.

These are some of the important points you should keep in mind to be safe from any kind of cloning activity.

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What is the Difference Between a Hacked and a Cloned Facebook Account?

Hacked Facebook Account

A hacked account takes control of your existing profile and uses it for bad purposes. People who hack your account, can also change the password of your account and share explicit information through your account.

Cloned Facebook Account

A cloned account is the one that is a total copy of your existing account. If someone creates an account similar to your account, adds your photos, and mimics you on the internet it is called a clone. Clones are dangerous too since they can spread wrong information while pretending to be you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hacking involves hijacking your actual account while cloning is more like creating a mirror image of your original account.

Facebook has most probably disabled your account because you may not be following their policies and community standards set by them.

No, Facebook does not have this feature or could detect it. You would have to find out if there is any suspicious activity. Your friend may tell you about it or you could find it in the recommended accounts result.

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